Registry Overload – The Essentials

Who here over-researches things on the Internet? ::dramatically raises my hand:: Anyone notice it gets 10x worse when you’re pregnant? Look hard enough into the Google machine and any product you think you might like is deemed a death trap for your little one.

This made it nearly impossible to enjoy creating a baby registry for my Wildman. As we prepare for baby number two, due in May, I realize I’ve learned a lot by trial and error. Now that my first baby is almost two, I can share with you what I found to be invaluable during the first year. Consider some of these gems as you put your registry together.

Please note: I am in no way affiliated with any of these brands. These are the products that I found work best for my family.


  • Baby Swing – whether you choose the high-tech mamaRoo or a more traditional swing, it’s nice to have somewhere to place your little while you run to the bathroom, make yourself a meal or just need a break.
  • Vibrating Infant Bouncer – think this is too similar to the swing? I promise it’s not! It can sit outside your shower while you bathe, on your table while you cook or on the floor while you squeeze in a quick workout! (Or if you’re like me, snacking. Not working out).


People LOVE to buy baby clothes. Good thing, too, because in the early months, you’ll probably go through 3-4 outfits a day between the diaper blow outs and spit up fiascoes. Be sure to register for clothing styles you like in all sorts of sizes ranging from newborn to 18 months. This gives you some options as your little grows. And remember, the easier it is to get the clothes off the kiddo, the better!


  • Gerber Flannel Burp Cloths – Wildman was the Spit Up King. I mean The Exorcist-amount of spit up. These were the only cloths absorbent enough to tame his river of fury.
  • Madela Quick Clean Steam Bags – save yourself the time of washing your pump and bottle parts – these steam sanitizing bags gave me more time to cuddle Wildman.
  • Kiinde Koozi Bottle Warmer – trust me – a bottle warmer is much simpler to use at 3AM when your groggy.

Nursery Gear

  • Dresser/changing station – to save space in our small nursery, we chose a dresser that was low and deep enough to comfortably house a changing pad and diapering supplies. This eliminated the need for another piece of furniture that we’d only use during the diaper years. We found ours at American Furniture Warehouse.
  • DaVinci Jayden 4-in-1 Convertible Crib – we opted for a convertible crib that also came with toddler rails. This allows the bed to grow with Wildman as he ages. The rails are slightly higher than other models we looked into, so we haven’t had many escape attempts.
  • The Nest – While pricey, it’s totally worth having a video monitor for piece of mind when your little one is so small and for your sanity when you sleep train. You can see your little to evaluate if you really need to go into their bedroom or not.
  • Sound Machine – we didn’t get one until we were in the belly of the beast that is sleep training. Save yourself some trouble and get one for night one! I opted for the Munchkin Projector and Sound machine, but the projector is notorious for burning out with prolonged use. Sure enough, after a month of using it every night, all night, the projector no longer works. ARGH. Wildman likes the ocean sound, so we’re keeping it for the noise.


  • Skip Hop Convertible Diaper Backpack – your back will thank you for the backpack option as you juggle your little one, the infant car seat, stroller and grocery bags!
  • Click-n-Go System – We loved our Graco SnugRide infant car seat, which snapped right into the Elite Stroller base. Both products are lighter in weight than what I found from Chico and other brands. This made traveling and shopping trips SO easy.


  • Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play – For the first 2-weeks of Wildman’s life, this is the ONLY thing he’d sleep in – overnight or napping. It was the biggest lifesaver. You can get one that plugs into an outlet and auto rocks, or one with a battery pack that just vibrates and you rock it manually.
  • Arm’s Reach CoSleeper – after Wildman’s Rock ‘n Play phase, this co-sleep linked right next to my side of the bed. Still recovering from his birth, it was nice to just roll over to pick him and to feed him every two hours.
  • SwaddleMe – ready for a mom truth? Swaddling is tricky. It’s even harder in the dark, at 3AM. These suckers kept Wildman happy and sleepy as he was adjusting to life outside the womb.

I hope this list provides some input on what might be helpful for you and your family as you welcome your little one into your home!

Stay tuned for what you DON’T need on your baby registry!


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