Registry Overload – The Noise

Baby showers are wonderful. I had three when I was pregnant with Wildman (our families live in different states, and we live half-way across the country from them both). There are some items you’ll receive a lot of (i.e. blankets and booties or socks) regardless of you registering for them or not. There are other items we just didn’t feel were necessary. Based on our experience, here’s what we decided we didn’t really need on our registry:


  • Receiving blankets – the hospital sent us home with a couple and we received 6-8 very sweet blankets, some even homemade. Unless you have very specific designs or colors in mind, this is an item people love to buy regardless of it being on your registry.
  • “Cute” fashion hats – great for pictures, but not a realistic accessory if your little squirms as much as Wildman did.
  • Baby shoes – unless your child is walking, I wouldn’t splurge on these. Sure, shoes can pull an outfit together, but does an infant really care?
  • Baby-specific clothing detergent – baby-specific products usually mean price markups. We stuck with our Tide Free & Gentle detergent and didn’t have a problem. I realize this may not be an option for kiddos with extra sensitive skin.


  • Baby food processor – we already had our “adult” food processor that worked just fine on fruits, veggies and meat we wanted to give to Wildman.
  • Baby food steamer – we also had a steamer basket that fit a few of our pots and decided against a baby-centric contraption.

What items did you decide to leave off your list?



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