Women’s Day – No Judgements

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Today is International Women’s Day. As I think of all the women that worked so hard to break barriers and create the freedoms we have today, I’m thankful.

I’m also grateful beyond words for my network of warrior women in my life – my mom, mother-in-law, sisters-in-law, aunts, cousins, colleagues and friends. Each of you, on more than one occasion, has inspired me with your strength, brilliance, wit and dedication to what makes you passionate.

Thinking more about our country’s current state of self, I keep coming back to one event that really got me thinking of my choices and my children…

Before Trump was elected, I was present for a heated political conversation with some friends. At some point someone said, “I don’t know how anyone would feel right bringing a child into the world at a time like this, with that monster as the potential leader of America.”

Aside from my husband, no one else knew we were expecting at the time. Those words, though, hurt me. For awhile I couldn’t pinpoint why. This person had no idea we were pregnant, and in no way directed this comment at me. Heck, the idea of a misogynistic, racist, under-qualified reality star as our President upset me, too. Still, I took the comment personally.

“She doesn’t have kids, so she doesn’t ‘get it’ yet,” I assured myself. That’s when I realized what I’d done. I made a judgement. I realized I was so riled up about her comment because I felt she made a judgement on my choice to have another child now. While that wasn’t her intention, I still justified my want for expanding our family as a way to bring smart, hate-rejecting humans into the world.

Now months after that conversation, I’ve accepted we were both at fault for our quick judgements. (She, by the way, is very happy and excited for our growing family).

There’s no need to break each other down. We all have enough crap going on as it is. Instead of judging, I re-vow to do what we’re all trying to do – what’s best for ourselves and our families.

For me, that looks like taking on a “non-traditional” job freelancing while my children sleep (yes it pays some bills, but mostly lets me talk to adults and think about more than Mickey Mouse Club House). It means trying to walk through each tantrum, sleep regression and tough day with grace and gratitude for what I have.

For my husband and I both, it means striving to raise our children with compassion, patience, respect and a desire for education. (Easier said than done in the toddler years, am I right)?! It means providing our children with the desire to explore, the passion to chase their dreams, the courage to intervene when problems arise and the strength defy what doesn’t feel right for them.

I think its equally as important to instill these qualities in our children of both genders. To my son and unborn daughter –

My wishes for you are simple: Accept yourself. Accept others. Accept love – in whatever form that comes for you.

Today and everyday, let’s work on celebrating and appreciating each other, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or color. No judgements.


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