To My Village

It’s been six years since my (now) husband and I packed up our belongings, dug up our Midwest roots and moved to Denver. In those six years, we got married, watched our careers take off, adopted the cutest chocolate lab to ever exist and started our family.

Something we thought about but didn’t really understand was that we’d be moving away from our lifelong friends and family at a time when we’d likely start having babies. While it’s a beautiful time – this whole parenthood thing – it can also feel very isolating (regardless of how close you are to family, I’m sure). This is especially true with your first child, when you’re afraid to expose you precious newborn to outside germs and the general masses.

I knew (and still know) my family and Midwest friends are just a phone call or short plane ride away. I’m continuously grateful for the love and support we get from afar. Yes, our “village” might seem far, and it is when you look at the miles.  And of course it’s hard missing out on birthdays, big anniversaries and some holidays.

Luckily, in our time here, we’ve expanded our village. We’ve made life-long friends that we now consider family.

As any new parent or parent of young ones knows, things change. You don’t get out solo with friends as often. Phone calls are usually cut short due to some crayon emergency. Traveling anywhere whether via car or plane, longer than an hour away is usually downright torturous. However, there’s one constant – Your Village. These are the people you can count on for midnight advice, quick playdates between naps, a stroll through the mall or an all-out venting session.

To my village – family and friends near and far, readers that have supported me through this blogging endeavor – THANK YOU. 

We may talk periodically or regularly. We may meet up for regular playdates or only during the holidays. Regardless, know that your support, advice and friendship has made this crazy transition into parenthood and the whole “grown up” thing so much more enjoyable. It’s comforting to know that no one is ever in this game alone.

Though I may sound like a crazy lady at the other end of the phone sometimes, or my texts tend to ramble or make no sense (thanks, Apple Watch dictation….), know I’m here for your too. If you’re a parent, married, single – doesn’t matter. For whatever you may need, whenever. I too, am a phone call, walk down the block or plane ride away.



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