5 Essentials to Bring to the Hospital

I’m a major over-packer. Really. It’s no exaggeration. When I studied abroad for a six-week term, I brought a duffel bag large enough to fit two full-grown men, maybe three. Sure, as I’ve aged I’ve learned to pack smarter, but flying solo with a toddler can make a woman regress.

In an effort to downsize what I brought to the hospital for Baby K’s arrival, I limited myself to a small carry-on suitcase. I challenged myself to stick with only things I’d need. For instance, I only packed enough clothes for me to cover the days I’d stay in the hospital – no extras. For Baby K, I packed 2 paris of PJs, a Swaddle Me swaddle, a muslin blanket and two different going home outfits for different types of weather. Obviously, I brought along the essential toiletries, like my toothbrush and paste, deodorant, makeup and travel shampoo + conditioner and body wash.

During WM’s birth, I had made a mental list of things I wish I’d brought to the hospital. Here are my top five “extras” that I  was really happy I brought along this time around:

  1. Depend adult diapers. Seriously. During my hospital stay with WM, the mesh undies the hospital supplied were way big. So big, that I had to tie them at both hips to make them fit. My supply of Depends also came in handy to wear to the hospital for Baby K since my water broke and continued to leak. You can request a free sample or buy a pack.
  2. A sleep mask to block out any lights and glow from monitors that can prevent sleep.
  3. Micellar Water – I love Garnier’s All-in-one waterproof kind. I think it’s easier on the face then makeup removing wipes and it was refreshing for my face. I tend to get really dry skin when I stay in the hospital.
  4. Original Sprout Scrumptious Baby Cream to combat hospital-induced alligator skin. Like most parents, I wash my hands a TON before picking up baby, especially when in the hospital. Having a rich, baby-safe lotion on hand was a life saver for my hands.
  5.  A water bottle. Simple, yet came in handy for my husband. If he wanted something other than water, that left me with a second bottle. I love the hospital mugs because they can fit a ton of ice in them, but I can chug one of them in 10 minutes. Also, I have an unhealthy attachment to my Camelbak.

Any other parents out there have other essentials you wouldn’t brave the hospital without?

NOTE: I am not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned in this blog, nor do I receive any incentives for writing about them. These are just products I love. K, thanks!



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