Home Office Overhaul

Remember that time I started a blog a couple months before our life got crazy with another baby? Me too. That was funny! But, hi! I’m alive. With Baby K sleeping slightly better at 3-months old, I’ve put some focus on improving my home office. It’s still a huge work in progress, but I’ve made some serious headway with it recently.

My Mom Boss space – sorry for the quality. Wildman hid my SLR. SIGH….

As a work-from-home parent with two kids under three, my space serves as a home office, changing and napping station for Baby K and reading area for Wildman. Given the square footage, this is a little ambitious, but it works for now.

To keep the area kid-friendly, I keep a Pack’n’Play with a changing station on hand for Baby K’s main-floor diapering and naps. Wildman has two shelves within our built-in bookcases for his books and a few toys. He loves to hop on our Ikea Hemnes daybed to read “with me” as I read my tech research and client work. (I also love that this pulls out to a full size bed when we have guests, too).

Privacy curtains are key

For instances when I need a kid-free zone, I installed curtains that I can draw over the french doors. Yes, Wildman can still barge in, but the “out of sight out of mind” mentality gives me some peace.

To (almost) complete my Mom Boss Office project, I was missing two things until recently – a big desk and a diaper bag that’s “fancy” enough to double as a work bag for client meetings. I finally found both after hunting for months. I lucked out and found this Pottery Barn desk on major sale over the Fourth of July weekend.


My latest bag obsession!

For my bag, I fell in LOVE the Babymel Grace diaper bag. I can easily fit my Macbook Air, note pad, infant + toddler diapers and wipes, snacks and spare clothes without it looking too bulky. I love that this strays from the waterproof canvas bag look that I was sporting with Wildman.

My last project for this space is to spruce up the walls. I’m hoping to put together a family-work calendar. I’d love to install a board that allows for a calendar, note center and maybe some organization. What are you using that you love? I’m looking for inspiration!



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