Life Lately in the 5280

Hi, friends! I'm long overdue for a life update and now that my kiddos are *sometimes* on the samenap schedule, I have a good 20 minutes to share some of our recent family milestones! Postpartum BS No postpartum depression this time around, but MAN, did my body go through the ringer. At eight weeks postpartum, I …

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5 Essentials to Bring to the Hospital

I'm a major over-packer. Really. It's no exaggeration. When I studied abroad for a six-week term, I brought a duffel bag large enough to fit two full-grown men, maybe three. Sure, as I've aged I've learned to pack smarter, but flying solo with a toddler can make a woman regress. In an effort to downsize …

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My Unrealistic Parenting Expectations

While pregnant with my first, I read the basic books like What to Expect When You're Expecting and the Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy. Because of these, I felt prepared and ready to welcome Wildman into the world. (HA) I also had some pretty unrealistic-for-me expectations on how I'd do things once he arrived. I wanted …

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