Life Lately in the 5280

Hi, friends! I'm long overdue for a life update and now that my kiddos are *sometimes* on the samenap schedule, I have a good 20 minutes to share some of our recent family milestones! Postpartum BS No postpartum depression this time around, but MAN, did my body go through the ringer. At eight weeks postpartum, I …

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To My Village

It's been six years since my (now) husband and I packed up our belongings, dug up our Midwest roots and moved to Denver. In those six years, we got married, watched our careers take off, adopted the cutest chocolate lab to ever exist and started our family. Something we thought about but didn't really understand was that …

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When Your Coworkers are Your Kids

Working from home as a parent of a toddler (who isn't in daycare) and working in the office both have their own challenges. What doesn't change is that you sometimes have to deal with difficult coworkers (your "coworkers" at home being your tiny dictator). During my nearly year-and-a-half of working from home, here are some …

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