Who Needs Sleep?

The end of September and much of October were quite busy for this family. We spent a week in the Midwest to visit with our families. My dad and father-in-law both had a milestone birthday just two days apart (how cool is that)?! My in-laws also celebrated 40 years of marriage. Before I dive into a …

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Home Office Overhaul

Remember that time I started a blog a couple months before our life got crazy with another baby? Me too. That was funny! But, hi! I'm alive. With Baby K sleeping slightly better at 3-months old, I've put some focus on improving my home office. It's still a huge work in progress, but I've made …

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When Your Coworkers are Your Kids

Working from home as a parent of a toddler (who isn't in daycare) and working in the office both have their own challenges. What doesn't change is that you sometimes have to deal with difficult coworkers (your "coworkers" at home being your tiny dictator). During my nearly year-and-a-half of working from home, here are some …

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